Specialists in quality, sales and service

We are dedicated to create and implement contact center solutions, with the sole purpose of providing an exact amount of first-class technology, highly trained personnel and a significant degree of experience to provide our customers with the best service.


Provide contact center services following world class quality standards, always ensuring customer satisfaction in each of our interactions.


Be the most viable option for any national and international company that wants to outsource its Contact Center service, providing them with the exact amount of technology, highly trained personnel and competitive prices.


Loyalty, Responsibility, Commitment, Quality and Integrity.

Contact Center Solutions

Plenty of experience in telemarketing, we are specialists in quality, sales and customer service, as well as BPO & IT, to provide national and international services. We have a team made up of highly trained personnel, from the directors and operation coordinators to the human resources. We are always looking for new growth opportunities.

Áreas of Experience

Credit Card Sales

Sales methods innovation to achieve a better approach with the clients and to increase the closing of the sale.

Technical Support

Customers Technical Assistance solving their problems through the company specifications. We give from basic to specialized consulting using management processes based on ITIL.

Third Carty Consultancy

Answer emails and chats solving any doubts.

Customer Service and Invoicing

Customer service surpassing the standards of the quality, efficiency and goals achievement.


Collection and follow-up of delinquent customers and extrajudicial collection.

Lead Generation

Make phone calls to create business opportunities.


  • Highly selected agents with sales and customer service experience.
  • Proactivity and reactivity to meet specific goals.
  • Innovative systems to measure the quality of calls and metrics of operation.
  • A predictive and progressive call system as well as CRM's.
  • Growth infrastructure with a training capacity of 25 to 30 executives at the same time.
  • Systems and equipment at the forefront.


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+52 (81) 8344 0003

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