Call Centers: What’s New in 2017?

We’re at the time of year again when everyone seems to be talking about the new trends that will shape industries. In the call center space, there have been so many changes over the last decade that it can be hard to say exactly what is going to be the ‘next big thing.’ Industry experts say artificial intelligence and chat bots could be what take call centers to a whole new level, while others are keeping the focus on delivering better customer care and continuing to improve resolution times and deliver more personalized care.

A recent Customer Think article overviewed some of the more important trends contact centers will see in 2017 and, like many others, prioritized delivering better customer care as a necessary move.

Perhaps this constant desire to better the services being delivered to customers is because so many organizations are missing the mark today. Surveys and polls reveal that customers are still not happy with services they are receiving from call centers and that there are still so many things that can be done to improve how they are being cared for.


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Talking about today’s customers goes hand in hand with delivering an omnichannel experience. Customers today want to be able to reach companies when and how they need them. They want to use the platform of their choice, and expect the same prompt, courteous service on each of those platforms.

In 2017, companies can no longer ignore the need to get customer service options added to their social media pages, websites and even apps if they want to succeed.

As customers grow more impatient and the pressure on call centers to deliver better results increases, we’ll see a lot more focus put on training and technology implementation in the call center in 2017.

Then there’s also the stubborn first call resolution factor that’s always hanging around. Customers are no longer tolerating being pushed around on menu trees or having to call back multiple times about an issue. It’s far easier to cut ties with a company and begin a new relationship than continue being frustrated, and that’s a scary fact.


What is your call center doing in 2017?


By Stefania Viscusi 

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